mr. dr. thomas, you are the bomb! i hope you look at this! well, even if he doesn't, its ok! just because oim at school and its been fun so far today! mr. dr. thomas has been pacing for like ever and its making me angry... then again a lot of things do! lol! homework as been really suckish lately! its so poop-nugget-mania! i hate it and yes, i know that hate is a strong word but i do mean hate. the homework last nigh was sooooo boring i had so much language homework last night it was so hard. and once i was done with my hour's worth of homework, i made this site! i hope this sort of relates to you! well i dont know how to do the whole have a sending area on the site but ill see if my parental guardian i can make an email for you guys to email me on. i hope i can!


so here's a funnay story! so my friend (who shall remain unnamed) was running into a playground to get to recess, right, and then this big white bird just attacks him, its sooooooo funny! i love it, hes hilarious!!!!1 even unintentionally he is!!!! its soooo amazing! he got sooooo embarrassed! it was so funny, well you should have been there! oh, just to let you know, i will say "amazing," "and such" and random comments you might not understand, but if this gets annoying, you can contact me (if i ever find out how to do that) and tell me what you think. i might just make an email, for you guyz and girlz to tell me what you think, like if you need advice, just to say like " oh, i love this game site" or whatever and if you want i can put it on the site! or, i might (and this is a might) put your site address on my site if you are just starting out, like i am. i wish someone would let me do that. well, its sort of late, or at least here it is, but see ya!