ok, i finally found out the email i can use for the site, even though i haven't gotten 1 view since november but, you all can email me at carebearh719@aol.com! for advice, poems, stories, i might even put what you email to me on the site (with your permission of course) but i hope you enjoy my website!!! :D

omg i made an lol

lol i love comedy except i made the captions for this pic on icanhascheezburger.com ,  its so funny! you can create funnies and such!

this is officially THE coolest website on earth!!!!! do you like it? if you do, exit, and then come back on, so i get more views! thanks if you do!

this site is a big thanks to a couple of my friends, you know who you are! you guys are the bom! thanks for everything!